Covid-19 fund raising coding contest

Code-19 2021 is over!

The contest was conducted on 8th August, 2021 at codechef.

Thanks to all the people who participated in the contest and donated to the covid-19 funds. Here's the screen shot of the final donation we did to the Covid-19 GIVE India funds.

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About the Contest

Code-19 is a fund raising contest initiated by Kushagra Jain and Gourav Khunger for COVID-19 in India. Our aim is to foster interest regarding competetive programming among young students as well as contribute our part in India's fight against COVID-19.

Contest Details

The contest will be conducted on 8th of August from 4pm to 7pm. There will be 7 problems based on maths, logical reasoning and critical analysis. You need to solve the problems by coding the logic in your preferred language. The permitted languages are: C, C++, Java, Python.

Problem demo

The problems in the Code-19 contest will be like this(but not exactly as simple). Make sure to check out this problem and other sample problems on codechef and become comfortable with the judge to ensure a smooth experience during the contest.

Also, check out Rules and Regulations of the contest below to gain more insights about the contest.

Considering Donating us?

If you don't wish to take part in the contest, but still wish to support us in our effort to help the covid-19 situation, you are welcome to donate us by scanning this qr code:

Paypal payment method will be enabled soon! Please contact us if you have any problems.

Contest platform

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Rules and Regulations

You need to abide by these rules. Anyone found violating them will be disqualified immediately.

No discussions allowed!

Please do not discuss strategy, suggestions or tips in the comments section of the problem or any social platform during a live contest. Posting questions clarifying the problem statement in our discord server is fine. If you are unsure, contact us! Any person found in malpractices will be banned from taking the contest!

No penalties for multiple submissions

You can submit solutions as many times as you'd like, there are no penalties for incorrect submissions, although, you are expected not to spam a lot of subsmissions.

No subtasks

All the submissions to the problems will either be graded as correct or incorrect. There won't be any kind of subtasks, even if verdict for a single test case is wrong, the whole submission will be considered wrong. If your submission is correct, you will receive a green tick else a red cross on top of your submission.

Certificates and prizes

All the participants will receive their certificates via personal message on discord. GeeksforGeeks coupons will by sent to your registered email id. Amazon voucher winners will be contacted personally by the organizers.

Only the participants who are a part of our discord server will be entitled for prizes(if any).

Discord server

Please join our discord server to stay updated with the latest announcements and contest details.

The organizers bear no liability if you miss on any important announcement regarding the contest, so be sure to join the server!

Your queries

Please contact us through the chat widget on the lower right, or contact us on the below emails:

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